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The Importance of the Cut Consultation

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Even if a client tells you what they want in terms of a cut, it’s advisable for you to ask

certain questions to ensure you understand what they really want.

The award-winning Ria Kulik, who owns The HairBank in Urmston in Manchester, has

come up with the following five important questions to ask during the consultation.

Are they happy with their look?

How have they managed their hair since they last came into the salon? Do they like

having long hair or do they want to go shorter? If they like long hair, what else can you

do to make it interesting?

What do they dislike about their hairstyle?

Sometimes it’s awkward for a client to mention what they don’t like, so give them the

opportunity to openly say what this is. This is also a great opportunity to recommend

haircare products if they’re struggling with their texture or recreating the shape at home.

What do they like about their haircut?

It’s easier to find and point out something which they don’t like, but take time to find out

what aspects of the hairstyle they really like.

What products do they use at home?

After discovering what a client likes and dislikes about their hair, talk to them about the

importance of professional haircare, and ensure that they are aware of the impact that

the wrong products can have on their hair. You’re not selling them products, you’re

essentially ‘insuring’ their hair so the money that they are spending on their haircut isn’t

wasted. Make sure the haircare programme is easy to follow and show them how to use

styling products.

What tools do they use?

It could be that they just need some styling advice to get the best from their hairstyle –

introduce them to the delights of the diffuser, the importance of the cold shot or some

tricks with the tongs.


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