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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions relate to the TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd products and services including exhibitions, conferences, awards and magazine publications.


Events Entrance Policy
All events organised by TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd are open only to trade and professional visitors over the age of 14, with the exception of our medical beauty events for which the minimum age restriction is over 18. Management reserves the right to request proof of age from individuals who look under 14 (or 18 for our medical beauty events) and refuse entry if this is not provided. Under no circumstances will prams, babies, pushchairs or buggies be permitted. No exceptions will be made.


By entering all competitions run by TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd, you will receive communications from TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd and its competition sponsors and partners, in relation to the competition.
No cash alternatives will be offered. All prizes offered in relation to an exhibition must be collected at that particular event and will not be sent in the post.


Payments & Refunds
TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd require all processors to securely protect your data and only retain data for as long as they need. Online payments will be taken via Payfast, via our website.


Cancelled or rescheduled Events

It is the Customer’s responsibility to check whether an Event has been cancelled or rescheduled and to ascertain the new time or location. TE Trade Events shall make every effort to inform customers of cancellations or postponement of any events we cannot guarantee this and it remains the obligation of the purchaser to check on the particular event with the organiser. If an event has been cancelled then the ticket holder will be entitled to a full refund. If an event has been postponed then the ticket will be valid for the new date. In the vent of postponement, no refund will be given. We do not refund tickets if a customer wishes to cancel their attendance.


Force majeure

Force majeure is taken to mean any failure of an event or performance that cannot be attributed to TE Trade Events because it is blameless in the matter and cannot be blamed in terms of the law, a legal act or generally accepted standards. In this event, without prejudice, TE Trade Events is not obliged to pay any compensation unless such action is unacceptable according to principles of reasonableness and fairness in the given circumstances.

Should a refund be issued, it will incur a 10% administration fee. The company accepts no responsibility for circumstances beyond its control.



All events will be photographed with the intention of the images being used for the purpose of marketing. By registering for and attending an event you acknowledge that a photographer will be present and you may appear in a shot. TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd have the right to use the images as they wish. Any images taken from our website must be referenced and credited to the event. If you do not wish to be featured in photographs please make the organisers of the event aware on arrival.


By registering for all events run by TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd, you will receive communications from TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd and its sponsors and partners, in relation to the events, which include exhibitions, conferences and awards.


Transactions During the Event
TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd are not liable for any transactions undertaken at any events between attendees and exhibitors or sponsors of the events. Any complaints please contact the sponsor or exhibitor directly.


Data Collection - Event Registration
For all TE Trade Events(PTY) Ltd events you will be required to register online or at the event in order to attend. To access the exhibitions and conferences, you will be required to register for a badge or purchase a ticket which you will need to bring with you to the event in order to gain access. Without a badge or purchased ticket you will not be permitted access. Even if you have attended previous events, you will be required to re-register for each event.
TE Trade Events(PTY) Ltd request that your data is supplied and a series of mandatory questions are answered to enable us to understand the demographics and requirements of our audience for each event. 
TE Trade Events(PTY) Ltd will contact you with show information which they deem relevant including product updates, special offers, education, planning your agenda for the event and exhibitor and sponsor information. If you have registered for an event which requires you to present an entry badge on arrival this will be emailed to you prior to the event to print out to bring with you to the show to save time on arrival.
You will also receive a post-event survey in order to allow us to analyse the performance of the event, demographics of attendees, reasons for non-attendance and to understand how to improve future events.
If you wish to amend or no longer receive any further communication from TE Trade Events (PTY) Ltd, please use the 'manage your preferences' or 'unsubscribe' links in the emails sent to you. 


Data Collection - Scanners at the show
At certain TE Trade Events(PTY) Ltd events, exhibitors and sponsors will have the opportunity to scan visitors' badges with the intention of collecting their data in order to contact them in the future with information they feel is relevant.
By allowing an exhibitor or sponsor to scan your badge at an event you are granting them access to the contact details and demographic information supplied during your registration for the event.

When registering for an event you will be required to tick a box to comply with the following policy: 
I understand that by choosing to allow my badge to be scanned by an exhibitor or sponsor when at the event, I will be providing the exhibitor or sponsor with my personal data. I consent to this personal data being used to contact me about their products or services and understand that this partner or sponsor may transfer this data outside of the European Economic Area for these purposes and I consent to such transfer of my data. I also understand and agree that my personal data may be held and used by the organiser of this event, TE Trade Events(PTY) Ltd, and any third party hosting provider acting on its behalf, in order to run the event and for analysing visitor traffic with a view to improving the event experience for visitors.


If you have any concerns, queries or matters you feel should be brought to our attention please email and state in the subject line the purpose of your email. Any complaints regarding our events must be received in writing via email within 21 days post-event to allow us to action and respond.

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