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Business Seminars – Gallagher Convention Centre

28th – 29th August 2022

A must-attend seminar series, packed full of information that can help you to grow your business, whether a beauty salon or hair salon.

Great speakers, great topics, a great opportunity

Sunday 28th

10.30 – 11.00  Unstoppable Social Media & Authentic Influencer Strategies – Ayesha Rajah
Guarantee engagement and ROI with cut-through content and high-impact collaboration

11.00 – 11.30  The Quest for excellence.

A story of grit, courage and tenacity. – Gina Gall

Exploring practical steps for achieving excellence and real results…

11.30 – 12.15  The Adventure of Being You in Business

In this talk, we will explore what being you in business really is about and what can be created from that space. As a Business Owner in a world of structure, how can you let your personal unique flair shine and grow your business.

13.30 – 14.15  How do companies prove the product claims that they make - John Knowlton
A fascinating topic that looks into the claims brands make about the effectiveness of their products. How are they able to prove that these claims are truthful? John Knowlton is a chemist who spent many years testing these claims and showing that yes, the products work, or sometimes that the claims were rather exaggerated.


14.15 -  15.00  Technology - fashion or fad!!!! – Kym Stafford

Consumer demands have dramatically changed and salons spas and aesthetic clinics need to meet these demands to be sustainable and profitable. Choosing the right technology that both suits your set-up and target market is critical.

15.00 – 15.30  Is the current educational syllabus working for salons and spas – a panel discussion
What are salons and spas looking for from the educational sector?
Is the vacuum treatment still relevant for students to learn in 2022 or is it like many other treatments, an outdated modality that should be consigned to a museum?

Monday 29th August

10.30 – 11.15  Of Course You Can – Brian Adam

Brian Adams is a business consultant and public speaker, he has worked for many blue chip companies and SMEs. Helping them to invoke change management, best practices and ethics management.
He has published several books on business management and personal motivation for business owners.


11.15 – 11.45  Goal Searching - Puseletso Modimogale

We all need to strive to achieve and grow, however, are you aware of what you really wish to achieve? Have you really analysed what your goals should be, until you do this, you will never truly be able to achieve your goals.

11.45 – 12.30  Essential Social Media Tips and Tricks - Guinevere Thomas

Guarantee engagement and ROI with cut-through content and high-impact collaboration; Attract a new target market with Influencer Marketing; Increase and improve lead quality for your salon with social media and influencer marketing and so much more.

13.30 – 14.15  Effectively reaching the men’s market - Jared Hines
Men! Who needs them? Well, nowadays you do. The male market is growing rapidly and you need to ensure that you have a slice of the action. Jared Hines runs a successful business focused on the sector. Learn from a man, honest it will be worth it.


14.15 -  15.00  The Business of Branding - Chivone de Lange
Branding is all about your business, it’s the thing people remember when booking an appointment or when asked by a friend for a referral. Your branding needs to be effective in making you and your business stand out.



Please note, the programme may change due to circumstances beyond our control

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