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The Benefits of No Tension Hair Cutting

“Sometimes holding hair in our hands to set guides leads us astray. Our desire for exact shape can set us up for failure if there’s not a natural distribution and good balance of hair,” says Roger MolinaSam Villa ArTeam and Master Stylist at Lunatic Fringe. “In some cases, like bobs or other free-falling shapes, the most natural fall and distribution can be found by switching your guide while holding it in the comb rather than your fingers ­– by cutting the hair with no tension.” Here, Roger shares his favourite benefits of no tension cutting, and offers tips on how to perform the technique.

Hair cutting
Shutterstock:Michelle Aleksa

What are the Benefits of No Tension Cutting?

Airy Texture: Elevating sections with less tension at the mid strand and working through to the ends allows bulk to be removed while producing a looser effect.

Correction: It is a good technique for fixing or removing something that isn’t desired ­– softer edges and texture can hide more.

Soft Edge: Some shears are designed to allow hair to slip as it’s being cut without tension to create a really nice soft edge. When you couple this with a comb holding the section, you can create an even more diffused effect.

Tips for Holding a Comb When Following the No Tension Cutting Method

·       Use equal tension – all hair rides in the same side of the comb whether it be the fine or wide side.

·       The fine side of a comb provides more control.

·       The coarse side supports natural tension and fall.

·       Use a comb in a contrasting colour from hair to better see the cutting angle.


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