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Is your client’s hair suffering from micro-breakage?

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Damage throughout the hair that cannot be easily noticed or seen is called micro-breakage and can lead to weakened hair over time if untreated.

It may cause hair to break and snap at the end, and in turn disrupt growth, writes Chloe Weldon in an article on

“We all have clients complaining that their hair doesn’t grow past a certain length,” says Paul Paterson of Medusa. “It’s not that it’s stopped growing but it could be put down to micro-breakage.”

Sophie Benson, education head at Keune adds: “Sleeping with damp hair, vigorously towel drying hair when wet, along with poor quality accessories, sun damage and over styling, can also contribute.”

As a result of micro-breakage, hair can become thin and fine at the mid-lengths and ends. “Clients may see this when hair looks see through at the baseline or the ponytail becomes thinner over time,” Benson comments. “Tell clients to look out for hair on their clothes – if they see short hair on their clothes, this could be where the hair has snapped off where it’s delicate.” Clients will notice their hair may be dull, feeling and looking dryer, rough and tangled to the touch.

“Clients who are experiencing micro-breakage should attend the salon regularly for a haircut every six to eight weeks to take care of those ends,” Pateron says. But also use regular treatments. “Heat defence spray is a must. “This will prevent any further damage from blow-drying and styling.”

Furthermore, Benson recommends advising clients to brush their hair starting at the bottom and working their way up loosening knots and tangles as they go. “Using serums and oils on mid-lengths and ends of the hair both wet and dry will also help seal the hair and prevent further damage.”


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