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And then…there was Glazed Doughnut Hair!

Hailey Bieber @hayleybieber

Glazed Doughnut Nails have been doing the rounds on TikTok for at least a year and now the trend appears to have infiltrated the hair sector.

Celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie have all been seen sporting Glazed Doughnut Hair, and with a combined Instagram following of over 118M, it’s not surprising that this trend has been adopted by so many followers. In fact, #glazeddoughnuthair and #glazeddonuthair have over 1.1M searches on TikTok at the time of writing.

The ‘glazed’ trend is all about high-shine and enhanced gloss, which pairs great with slicked-back styles. That being said, whether it’s soft waves, sleek stands or a snatched bun, the glazed effect can be applied to all. It’s also versatile when it comes to hair lengths, with Jonathan Andrews, Fudge Professional Global Ambassador, explaining: “This technique works well on long hair, however it can be just as effective on short hair, as it can easily be slicked behind the ears, or curved into the nape.”

Similar styles, such liquid hair, have been trending for a while, however as Samantha Cusick explains: “The Glazed Doughnut Hair trend focuses on mimicking the glossy and shiny appearance of doughnut glaze, while the 'liquid hair' trend aims to create the illusion of flowing and fluid hair.” Discussing the style further, Jonathan adds: “This trend is leaning away from the bedhead, beach babe looks we often associate with summer, and nodding towards an expensive, healthy-looking finish. This trend couldn’t be more perfectly timed with hot weather wreaking havoc with frizz and making hair unmanageable and wild.”

The most straightforward way to incorporate Glazed Doughnut Hair into your salon is through styling and finishing. For soft-looking hair and extra shine, Samantha recommends the combination of Olaplex No.6 to add moisture and remove any frizz, and Olaplex No.7 oil for extra shine. If slicked-back and glossy is your focus, Jonathan suggests Fudge Aqua Shine Serum.

Beyond styling, there are additional ways to embrace Glazed Doughnut Hair in your salon, including colouring and toning. Amelia Evans, Colour director at HARE & BONE and Goldwell Ambassador, shares: “First and foremost, healthy and conditioned hair will help you achieve the glazed look. A glazing gloss toner such as Goldwell Colorance Gloss Tones, which only take 10 minutes, will give you great results, leaving hair in a healthy, glossy condition – plus, the service can be bespoke to each client, which acts as an extra selling point.”


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