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The Natural Hair Shift

An ebony woman smiling
Picture credit: Leighann Blackwood UNSPLASH

Not every season has to be bold and bright. With winter upon us it seems the trend is leaning more toward a more natural and effortless vibe. This can be seen bringing in some effortless bangs with classic cuts, ribbons, headbands and bows.

With healthy hair being the focus, we will see a more basic approach, especially now that people are really into the blow dry brush.  What better way to nourish your hair than to focus on your keratin treatments with little to no colour treatments and braided up do’s.

There has been no better time to give your hair a good chop, like the iconic Megan Fox who has recently opted for a medium length blunt cut – and rocking it! 

Will you be opting for the natural vibe? Remember that the transitioning process can last from a couple months to over a year and as your healthy hair journey continues, you'll learn what works for your distinctive texture and what to avoid altogether.


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