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Salons prioritising social media over their websites

According to a new survey from global salon supplies wholesaler, SimplyHair, 44% of hair and beauty salons view social media as the biggest opportunity for growth.

This percentage of respondents are focusing on growing their businesses’ social media profile this year, while 35% of hair professionals see growing their social media profile as offering the biggest opportunities for business growth. Nine out of ten (89%) salon owners believe that social media presence has a strong or very strong influence on how a client chooses a salon.

Additionally, 78% of beauty and hair professionals agree that a strong social media following will help them to attract higher-paying clientele, and justify charging more for current services. The survey suggests social media platforms are more important for business growth than a company website, as less than a tenth (9%) of salon professionals’ primary business focus is website development.

The value placed on social media is also influencing other areas of business investment such as branding and aesthetics. Eighty-five-percent of salon professionals believe that brand look and salon design influence or strongly influence a client’s choice of salon, and 86% agree that high quality photography helps to attract higher-paying clientele or justifies charging more for current services.

Three quarters (75%) of respondents agree that ‘Instagrammable’ salon interiors will help them to attract higher-paying clientele and charge more for current services. As a result, one in 10 (12%) salon owners are focusing on updates for their salon’s interior design this year. (Source: Professional Beauty UK)


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