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Responsible water use in salons

With water saving and sustainability such a hot topic in today’s environmentally and climate challenged world, L’Oreal has launched its Water Saver Device for salons and at-home use.

Set to roll out globally during 2021 and 2022, the new technology – a partnership between L’Oréal and Gjosa – debuted at the recent CES 2021 Technology Show.

Water Saver combines a micronisation technology with a showerhead cartridge containing hair care products designed by Kérastase and L’Oréal Professionnel to cut water usage by 80%.

Thanks to the patented Cloud Cleansing approach, specially designed micronized hair care formulas are infused directly into the water stream, promoting better product distribution and absorption, as well as improved efficiency.

The result is a showerhead that divides the flow of water to create 10 times smaller droplets. These are then accelerated for faster and more effective rinsing. Water Saver uses only two litres of water per minute compared to the eight litres consumed by standard showerhead, cutting water use by 80% compared to standard rinsing, while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Water Saver also features a data dashboard that allows salon professionals to monitor their water and energy consumption savings.


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