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New collection from SA’s Salomé de Wet


Leading South African stylist, Salomé de Wet, has launched her latest collection, named


It is described as follows: “The ephemeral nature of clouds, the fleeting moments in time. If you are not present, you might miss it. Capture it, cherish it.”

De Wet continues: “Surrounded by its immense beauty, nature demands of us to pause,

to breathe, to be inspired by it, even changed by it.

“Floating at high altitudes, Cirrus clouds are wispy, hair-like with a silky sheen…There

only for a fortunate moment for you to appreciate their artistry. These are the clouds that have inspired me to capture the essence of the moment and natural beauty in this


“Each passing second reflects a unique tapestry of experiences, opportunities and

sensations that can only be fully appreciated in that moment. The warmth of a summer

breeze, the laughter of a loved one, the first bite of a sweet dessert. Impossible to


“By learning to be present, we can savour these experiences. Appreciating the now

leads us to personal growth and self-awareness. Immersing ourselves in the present,

allows us to become attuned to our own thoughts, emotions, and sensations. We gain

clarity about our values, desires, and aspirations, enabling us to make mindful choices

and to embrace a more purposeful life.”

In collaboration with design house Kat van Duinen, the Cirrus collection “celebrates

simple and natural elements, wrapped in luxury, to create a timeless moment”.

The talent involved in this collection is as follows:

Photography: @michaeloliverlove

Make-up @rainetauber @innesmua

Wardrobe @katvanduinen.official

Video: @suzanneswartkat

Cut: @pringlekp


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