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How to capture you client’s creative colour for social media

Photo by Chloe from Pexels

There are several things to consider to ensure your creative colour looks great in a photo, such as natural light for instance.

So says Pulp Riot artist Christabel Legrand in an article on She continues: “While I do find that natural light works the best, you want to avoid direct sunlight as this can sometimes change the tone of the colour. Having a neutral-coloured background is also really important as contrasting or bright tones in the background can also affect how the hair looks on camera. If this is not possible, you could use a ring light with a cool white filter. Take several pics and play around with positioning and angles until you find what works best.”

Legrand suggests that when positioning the hair for the shot, that you always angle the client’s head. If you are shooting from behind, tilt their head backwards and ask them to place their hands at the nape of their neck and spread their elbows out, with hair spread over their arms.

If the client is facing front, Legrand recommends angling the chin towards the collar bone and asking the client to soften the eyes, or close their eyes altogether.

“You should try lots of different angles and take videos as well as photos. Lighting needs to be correct, as tones can change in different light and backgrounds,” states Legrand.

Other tips are to not use much product when styling the hair and not to edit photos too much. Source:


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