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Honour Your Crown founder challenges industry norms

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

‘Acalaca’ in action

At a recent event hosted in Johannesburg by Philip Morris South Africa (PMSA), Akhona Carol Lali, owner of the natural hair studio, Honour Your Crown, revealed her approach to Afrocentric beauty.

Also known as ‘Acalaca’ (an acronym from her name – Akhona Carol Lali Carpede), the 26-year-old lifestyle coach, entrepreneur and vegan fashionista aims to challenge views on ethnic hair and how to achieve what most people believe to be a difficult task – growing, managing and loving your natural hair.

‘Acalaca’ launched Honour Your Crown in 2015, a space where she passes down traditions that stem from the core foundation of black culture, with a modern approach to self-love and taking care of one’s natural self.

“From the get-go, Honour Your Crown has been about ethnic culture, which represents confidence, individualism and expression. My aim has been to demystify issues around black hair.” she explains. “The belief that maintaining one's hair is greatly expensive and that to grow ethnic hair is a struggle, is simply untrue.”

The ‘Challenging Industry Norms’ event allowed attendees the opportunity to get into an intimate conversation with ‘Acalaca’ and to see her demonstrate the difference between using heat vs cold air on ethnic hair.


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