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‘Dopamine colour’ set to trend in 2023

Image from Shutterstock

Hair colouring that lifts the spirit – particularly pretty pastels like pinks, lilacs, corals and peach – is predicted to trend strongly this year.

So says stylist Kay Binnersley, who believes that ‘dopamine colour’ will be the buzz term for the Northern Hemisphere’s 2023 Spring/Summer season. She describes ‘dopamine colour’ as being ‘good for the soul’ (dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good).

She says: “Spring is set to be colourful, vibrant, cheeky, edgy and fun, with ‘dopamine colour’ taking centre stage. Colour evokes different feelings in us; with these turbulent times, choosing colours that inspire and create a feeling of wellbeing will be key in Spring 2023.

“Have you ever thought why colour creates certain feelings inside of you? Some colours make you feel sad – they remind you of a time or place, whilst others lift your spirits and bring joy. Using ‘dopamine colour’, we can bring a new level to our business and generate new clients.”

Binnersley believes we will also see bright, contrasting colours sitting side by side, giving definition to the hair, and layering of colours in workable palettes, helping to contour the style.

“Creating colours that will require clients to return to the salon more regularly for maintenance is key in this coming year, as is encouraging our guests to invest in themselves and boost their confidence and feeling of wellbeing,” she continues. “This is where ‘dopamine colouring’ is key. Styles will have an urban feel – they will be edgy – but easy to maintain. The simplest of looks can be transformed into a show stopping look.”


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