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CONNIE Brands Launches A New Era Of CONfidence

Connie Ferguson
Connie Ferguson

CONNIE Brands, a renowned name in South Africa’s beauty and personal care industry, founded by the iconic Connie Ferguson and award-winning advertising guru and entrepreneur Groovin Nchabeleng, launched its newly extended and rebranded collection that boasts a diverse basket of self care offerings from facial care products to a hair care range, firming products, nutritional supplements — plus a clean, fresh and sophisticated look. 


The exclusive event, held at Life Day Spa in Fourways, marked the start of an exciting era for the brand as it celebrates a decade of innovative personal care — as well as a shift from just being a beauty brand to a comprehensive lifestyle brand that prioritises and encourages self-care, empowerment, and confidence. 


Under the new CONNIE Brands payoff line “CONfidence for life”, Ferguson invites consumers to live confidently and make the most of each day — an ethos she herself fully subscribes to. Living with confidence, according to Connie, is about striving for a holistic approach that nurtures the Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit and Heart connection. 


This philosophy was at the heart of the launch event, which featured exclusive previews of the new products, interactive demonstrations, and insightful sessions with Ferguson herself. 

"This new era of Connie Brands is about more than just beauty. It’s about empowering individuals to feel confident in every aspect of their lives. We have meticulously developed these products to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness, and we are thrilled to finally share them with the world," says Ferguson. 


The new collection was developed using the latest skincare technology, high-quality and responsibly-sourced ingredients. To bring this vision to life, CONNIE Brands partnered with reputable contract manufacturers, dermatologists, scientists, among them the biochemistry and photobiology laboratory at Sefako Makgatho University, to test the various ranges whose key focus is producing real results and efficacy. The ranges went through rigorous testing — including stability and dermatological testing. 


Not only is CONNIE Brands committed to catering to the diverse needs of the modern consumer, but the brand is equally devoted to reducing its environmental footprint by using recyclable packaging materials on its face care range. This sustainability ethos will be extended to other ranges in the near future. 


“Building local brands is important for the economy and national pride of any country. Given South Africa’s concerning unemployment stats (32,9% in Q1 of 2024), initiatives that support local enterprises are essential. 


Koni Multinational Brands (KMB), the holding company of CONNIE Brands, aligns with this vision by collaborating with local manufacturing and talent,” says Groovin Nchabeleng, the current Chairman of Koni Multinational Brands. 

Zama Tsekiso, Brand Manager at Koni Multinational Brands, says that the CONNIE Brands is underpinned by product quality and efficacy, and is fully committed to making self-care easily accessible. “At Koni Multinational Brands, we never launch anything until it has ticked all the efficacy boxes, customer satisfaction and product excellence. We are there. We are experienced. We work with the best in the business and we are ready to go to 

market. Our next step is to get into the global markets.” 


The new CONNIE collection is available online at, while the historical offerings (lotions) are still available from Clicks, Shoprite and Pick n Pay as well as independents and wholesalers such as Choppies, Kitkat, Jumbo, and Continental Cash and Carry. 


For further information, media inquiries or to request interviews with Connie Ferguson, please contact our publicity team at: or 076 030 7323 or 081 567 1061 


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