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Friday 29th May - Twincare  International

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Business Skills 

The new Abnormal - Karl Markwald Director ESP

Business Abnormal is becoming more and more normal every day. So what have we learned so far in the past 8 weeks - Yes - 2 months after lockdown started. more importantly are you prepared for level 1?  These are serious issues that we can explore in this upcoming webinar with Karl Markwald who is looking at the situation both as a Technologist and Psychologist

Watch the video using the link:

GN Total HR Solutions - Staff management UIF claims etc.

Gielie is a professional human resources manager who advises many south African businesses both large and small. He will be addressing concerns such as UIF, TERS applications, laying off staff, retrenchment, and much more. Watch the webinar here

Social Media, top tips for both beauty and hair salon owners, that work.
Candice Donadel, Mirrors Hair Lab.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar: 

Re-opening strategies from Southern Europe

-onsored by Lemi - Watch the video here

Top skills to enhance your strengths as a manager
Marisa Dimitriadis – The Spa Consultants

Click here to watch the webinar:    

Discount stimulus? Yes or No? (A panel discussion)
We all remember the days of Groupon, is this the way forward or are there better ways to kick start your business. Liz McKeon and Stav Dimitriadis.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar:


What you Can and CANNOT do right now as a beauty salon, hair salon or spa 

A panel discussion on this very important topic concerning our industry. Stav Dimitriadis, CEO of Twincare, Marisa Dimitriadis, MD of Six Skincare Group, Cherie Ten Hope, Chairman of Dermalogica SA (TBC) and Phil Woods of Professional Beauty for a Q and A session on what is allowed and what is not in the sector and how you may be able to generate some income and help your clients.

Watch the video using the link:

Coronavirus advice

How can it help you and your clients, both during and after COVID-19? - René Moodley

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a type of cannabinoid, and is a natural chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. Hear all about the highs and lows of CBD and cannabis. A number of companies are currently doing clinical trials on COVID patient as well, hear all about their results. Watch the video using the link:​

Post COVID 19 – retailing to a cash strapped client - Marisa Dimitriadis

Times are tough and could get tougher yet. Once you are able to open up again you will need more than ever to maximise your income from treatments and retail. It could be very difficult in a cash strapped South Africa. Marisa will be giving you plenty to think about on this essential part of your business. Watch the video using the link: 

Making the spa & wellness industry-relevant after COVID-19

-with the United Nations' 17 SDGs- Watch the video here

Spa 2.0 - Life after lockdown Hosted 

-by Phil Woods, Commercial Director, TE Trade Events- Watch the video here

Keynote coaching presentation: How to catch the COVID curveball

-with Dr. Amanda Foo-Ryland- Watch the video here

11 tips to navigate your business through Corona Virus
UK Based beauty business expert Liz McKeon offers 11 tips to help navigate your business through the coronavirus outbreak.

Watch the webinar here:

Hygiene measures post lockdown to reassure clients, Lourette Du Toit
Do you consider an industrial scale deep clean of your salon, or maybe just give your team extra training?

Click here to watch the recorded webinar:

Sustainability post-Covid-19

Sustainability can save you money as well as help the planet. Post lockdown, we all need to save where we can with Lauren Gibson.

Watch the video using the link:


Diaphragmatic breathing technique 

Theory of diaphragmatic breathing. The technique of inhale and exhale. The benefits of it for the family. How to use in respiratory viral infections by Dr Kateryna Tsvyetkova Director of Lillian Terry. Watch the video here:

Homeopathy in the home. 

Will include the History of Homeopathy, Laws, and Principles of Homeopathy. Pathogenesis of the Homeopathic remedies. Safety of Homeopathy in-home use with Dr. Kateryna Tsvyetkova Director of Lillian Terry. Watch the webinar here

The importance of mindfulness Part 1 (Video Presentation)
What it is and how it has research shown to slow down ageing, inflammation and stress in the body? Lauren Gibson – Dermalogica

Click here to watch the presentation:        

The importance of mindfulness Part 2 (Video Presentation)

The second of 2 instalments on What it is and how it has research shown to slow down ageing, inflammation and stress in the body? Lauren Gibson – Dermalogica

Click here to watch the presentation:

Makeup & lashes

Things I bet you've never had time to do before, but you can do now.
Gina Gall of Professional Skin Care Lab and Sonette Van Rensburg from The Eyelash Emporium gives you some thought-provoking ideas.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar: 



Nail Salons are open in Holland! How did they manage the process? - Tracy Anne Shelverton & Sonette Van Rensburg  

Tracy Anne Shelverton is a leading light in the nail sector in Holland and she will be giving us some great insights into how they got nail salons to offer treatments and the lessons they've learned whilst being open for a few days. Not to be missed! Watch the video using the link:

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