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Will ‘The Quiet-er Haircut’ option work for your clients?

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The Quiet-er Haircut can allow you and your client to create a bespoke environment during her or his service.

This is a useful option for those clients who are decidedly un-chatty and would prefer only a bit of conversation through their appointment, preferring to read a magazine or text on their mobile phones.

An article on points out that the term ‘Quiet-er Haircut’ was coined by Gina Conway and enables the hairdresser to ask the client how they would like to spend their appointment and to voice their own preference.

Not Another Salon used the term ‘The Silent Haircut’ in their salon literature, which reads: ‘While so many of us love a chin wag at the hairdressers, many just need some time out and that should be ok to ask for.’

Some clients may feel uncomfortable asking for this or may not even be aware of the possibility.

“I always allow the client to take the lead on their appointment as my salon is a safe space where they can have a good chat or relax in silence,” says Darrel Starkey, stylist at Taylor’s Hair Studio.

Try making this one of your conversation points to address in the consultation. Take the time to understand whether your client would like to switch off and relax, or fill you in on the titbits of their week; that way you’re already on the same page by the time the appointment rolls around. Plus, it’s a sure-fire way to ignite trust and comfort between you and your client.

However, this shouldn’t only be for the client’s benefit. Some stylists may be happy to chat away during the appointment, but some find it easier to work in silence and need this to concentrate on their craft.

“Clients, as well as stylists, often have days where they need some quiet periods, and that’s ok!” adds Starkey. Airing this in your consultation will enable you and your client to discover your optimal working environment.

Use your consultation to its full potential and find out what works best for you and your client. Source:


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