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Why salon retail is so important

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Retail is an integral part of the overall salon service and when a team is focused on recommending each and every product and piece of equipment used to their clients, organic sales will happen.

And, using a salon management system gives businesses real time facts and figures on a daily basis.

So says iSalon ambassador, Emil McMahon, in an article by Sian Jones on McMahon continues: “Hairdressers and barbers are the only true hair experts consumers can speak to and get advice from. It’s all well and good visiting a website and purchasing a product or two that look interesting, but without the knowledge and help of someone who knows what products are most suitable for an individual’s hair and scalp type, invariably the purchases end up sitting in a bathroom cabinet because they don’t do what is required.

“Everyone has products tucked away that were purchased online or in chemists and supermarkets that didn’t perform as expected. That’s why hairdressers and barbers need to share their expertise and talk to clients about the products they have on their salon retail shelves.”

McMahon notes that the more conversations that happen whilst clients are sat in the salon chair, the more likely a retail product will be purchased. He cites an example of a salon where three stylists see 20 clients per week and everything that was used on each client’s hair and scalp during the visit was discussed as a possible home use product or piece of equipment. This equates to 600 retail opportunities each and every week.

“Talking about products should be as natural and as intuitive as talking about haircuts, colours, and styling. By simply communicating in an informative and interesting way, clients will engage and interact with hairdressers and barbers and make purchases based on the information shared by their chosen stylist,” he concludes.


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