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What’s the buzz around hair cycling?

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The latest online buzzword is hair cycling, which means rotating different haircare products throughout the week with the goal of improving hair and scalp health.

In an article on HJI, Matrix Artist Ambassador, Michelle Summer Davies, says. “This routine involves revolving hair products to suit your hair needs as they change, be it due to hormonal changes, chemical services or the environment. Understanding the composition of hair is important to understanding our hair health.”

Joana Neves, editorial director at Alterna adds: “Hair cycling isn’t just about your weekly hair routine, it’s about the long-term routine and what you do to your hair and scalp fortnightly/monthly to keep it looking its best. For instance, some clients may use a scalp scrub every two weeks on their hair and a very intense treatment every two weeks instead of every week.”

Ainsley Gray, F&M Hairdressing, notes that the new ‘trend’ for hair cycling has become a huge talking point within the industry. “It’s all about your clients finding something that works for them and their hair and scalp, and making sure the routine gives them what they need.”

Marcello Moccia, Room 97 Creative, Wakefield and Leeds, points out that while hair cycling may be a new rend on TikTok, it’s not anything new to hairdressers who advise on product use and home haircare regime during our consultations with clients. “This is something we have been doing for a long time and is one of the benefits of visiting a hair professional rather than a high street store. It could be that if they have been using a particular shampoo, we recommend something new for their hair when they come to see us for their next appointment.”

The main benefit of hair cycling is that you are giving your hair what it needs, says Neves, adding: “It’s so important to change your routine to suit your hair and to never stick with the same shampoo and conditioner unless that is what your hair needs. Also, adding hair products like a scrub is so important in a client’s hair routine. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and it’s essential that clients look after their scalp just as much as their hair with the correct products.”

Although there are lots of benefits to hair cycling, from improving scalp health and addressing the needs of your hair at the time, not knowing what a client’s hair needs can lead to use of the wrong products: Davies continues: “We like to think of it as prescribing medicine. Just doing a simple elasticity or porosity test will help to know what protein or moisture levels the hair needs. By doing hair cycling this will help your client to understand their own hair which is imperative to make sure they have healthy, looking hair at all times.” (Source:


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