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What goes around, comes around

The hair flip, tendrils, chunky highlights, the mullet, crimping, alice bands and the shag are just some of the hairstyles of yore that are making a comeback.

This is according to an article written by ‘Akesha’ for HJ International (part of the Professional Beauty Group). ‘Akesha’ also identifies curtains and straight hair as being on the comeback trail.

The glamorous, red carpet-ready hair flip, so popular in the 1990s, was notably sported at this year’s Met Gala by model, Hailey Bieber.

It was also a trend in the 1990s to leave tiny tendrils of hair loose about the face – a seemingly casual look that was in fact carefully created. According to the HJ article, this decade’s version of tendrils is usually teamed with an accessory like a slide or barrette, and given a more uniformed look with a little wave.

We saw chunky highlights on Kim Kardashian West earlier this year and this style is now being used by hairdressers as the antithesis to subtle balayage.

The infamous mullet of the 1980s started creeping back into style last year. While many absolutely despise this style, it seems to work on American singer/songwriter, Billie Eilish, an acknowledged ‘cool girl’, although some articles have suggested her mullet was in fact the result of an accident in the salon.

Crimping seems to be back in style, with several hairdressing tools on the market to help stylists create this look on runway models and celebrities.

Although straight hair never quite seems to ever go out of style, it’s once again being identified as a strong trend. With most salon clients afflicted by at least a slight frizz or some sort of damage on their tresses that needs to be flattened, the silky, straight hair trend equates to good business for salons.

The ‘preppy girl’ alice band look, last seen on the wealthy, Upper East Side schoolgirls of the hit TV series, ‘Gossip Girl; is fashionable once more. Alice bands can be worn with all manner of styles – pony tails, plaits, loose hair, straight hair or curly hair.

In terms of the shag making a comeback, the HJ article quotes Cos Sakkas, Toni & Guy international artistic director as saying: “It’s a style that suits everyone – all hair textures and face shapes, with lightness and movement that looks effortless and loose.”

Lastly, curtains or ‘heartthrob hair’, is now being seen on trendy, young American actors like Timothée Chalamet and Cole Sprouse.


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