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What exactly is the ‘expensive brunette’?

Hailey Bieber (instagram@haileybieber)

A hair colour trend that seems to have grown out of the pandemic, the ‘expensive brunette’ is when the colourist uses multiple deeper tones to create a dimensional and natural brunette effect.

According to HJI, because of lockdown, clients could not get to their salons to top up their blonde colour, so rather than attempt to dye their own hair, they had no choice but to grow out their natural hair, leading to the ‘expensive brunette’ trend.

In November 2021, InStyle named the ‘expensive brunette’ as ‘one of this winter’s biggest hair colour trends’ and described it as a ‘darker, lived in look’. The magazine maintained that, although it is a fairly low maintenance look, it looks like an expensive hair colour due to its richness in tone and shine. They referenced the previously blonde model, Hailey Bieber, as an example. Having grown out her natural brown hair, Bieber’s stylist seems to have added only added a few strands in a lighter tone to frame her face. maintains that this trend is all about focusing on adding dimension to hair colour, while maintaining the hair’s shine and health. It’s characterised by an ultrashine, high-gloss finish and it’s the finish that is what this colour trend is really all about. (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)


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