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Unpacking the 50/50 hair trend

English singer, songwriter and model, Dua Lipa, is rocking the new 50/50 hair colour trend, which is described by HJ (Hairdressers Journal) as ‘the antihesis of balayage’.

Unlike balayage, a freehand hair colouring technique that results in a blended, natural look, the 50/50 trend places two high contrast colours (e.g. brunette and white blonde) together. Another example would be to use a fashion colour (like pink, green or blue) on one half of your hair, and have the other side black.

Dua Lipa’s former all-black bob now has a light blonde colour on the top layers, with black on the underside.

As this is a high maintenance, placement colour look, not only does it offer great potential for frequent appointments, it’s also a great opportunity for the stylist to upsell appropriate home care products to the client. (Source: HJ)


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