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TRENDblast 2020 winners announced

International hairdressing organisation, Intercoiffure Mondial, has announced the winners of the second edition of its TRENDblast video competition.

This year’s competition attracted entries from Intercoiffure Mondial members in 15 countries, including South Africa.

Says Klaus Peter Ochs, president of Intercoiffure Mondial: “TRENDblast is an opportunity to allow international members to show how their interpretation of the themes can differ, depending where you come from, your culture, your age and your personality.

“After a pre-selection from an international panel of juries, 12 videos were selected to be part of the final. Congratulations to the finalists and to our winners for their professionalism and creativity. I would like to extend a special thank you to our judges.”

There were four themes in the 2020 TRENDblast competition. South African Ezra Isaacs tied for second place in the Punks not dead Trend category.

Here are the full competition results:

Trend 1: After Midnight

· Germany – Josephine Acht-Elsner - World Fashion Winner 2020

· Brazil – Leni Barbosa - World Fashion Silver 2020

· Romania – Krisztina Keresztes - World Fashion Bronze 2020

Trend 2: Cosmic Babe

· Sweden – Linda Schuster - World Fashion Winner 2020

· France – Claire Majinel - World Fashion Silver 2020

· Switzerland – Sara Taiana - World Fashion Bronze 2020

Trend 3: Punks not dead

· Ukraine – Tais Romanenko - World Fashion Winner 2020

· Germany – Peter Schweizer & South Africa – Ezra Isaacs - World Fashion Silver 2020

Trend 4: Define Me(n)

· Brazil – Roberto do Amaral - World Fashion Winner 2020

· Italy – Giovanni Bottone - World Fashion Silver 2020

· Italy – Franco Bottone - World Fashion Bronze 2020

To watch the TRENDblast videos click here


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