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Top looks from the British Hairdresser of Year Sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional

Robert Eaton of Russell Eaton Hair produced an array of dazzling styles that wowed the judges at the recent British Hairdresser of the Year Sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional competition.

Says Eaton: “This collection represents the best of modern hairdressing and a vision for the bright future of the craft; a world in which diversity is embraced and fresh concepts of beauty are celebrated. Building on this idea of inclusivity, the images seek to showcase each muse’s individuality through cut and colour and styling, with bespoke looks chosen to bring to life facets of their personality and personal aesthetic, bathed in prismatic light.”

To see Eaton’s award-winning styles, go to pages 19 to 25 of the February issue of the Salon International digital magazine. Click here


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