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TheSalonGuy’s ‘mop top’ trends on TikTok

Stephen Marinaro, aka TheSalonGuy, has created one of the biggest hair trends for males with what he likes to call his ‘mop top’ haircut.

Marinaro is a hairstylist and media personality with 20+ years in the beauty industry, whose highly viewed YouTube channel features hairstyling tutorials, tips and motivational tools. He also has his own line of hair products.

Commenting on the ‘mop top’, he says: “The look itself can appear to be a grown out mess, but the haircut is actually a classic layered shape that tapers down to a much shorter length on the sides and back.

“To achieve this look, I use my own product, the Tidal Wave volumising sea salt styling spray. The hair on top is a layered shape that lays somewhat flat and messy on top, so the Tidal Wave spray is great for enhancing naturally wavy hair and a variety of other hair types. Hair texture plays a huge part in the look. It's best to have a bit of a wave and some texture; this can be from either bleaching the hair or from the sun, and a fine to thick head of hair would be ideal.

“An option to achieve a similar look is to do a loose perm, which creates a soft wavy look that helps add much-needed texture to the hair.”

Marinaro’s channel has over 600,000 subscribers, 100+ million views, and is currently averaging over a million views a month. He has been featured on Style Network, TMZ live and GMA Live.

This haircut is one of many TheSalonGuy has coined. Over the past 11 years, Marinaro has been creating content on YouTube and has been recognised by a large number of celebrities and influencers for his haircut recreations. He has done hair tutorials of TikTok stars such as Charli Damelio, Griffin Johnson, Hootie Hurley, Tayler Holder and Bryce Hall, as well as a variety of other popular social media stars.


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