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The world’s highest altitude haircut recorded on Mount Everest

Image sourced from HJ

As recently reported the Salon International magazine, ( a US-based hair stylist broke the world record for the highest altitude haircut twice during her recent Mount Everest ascent.

California salon owner and stylist, Heather Werner, completed the highest elevation haircut during her first acclimatisation climb through the Khumbu Icefall. Her hairdressing journey began at Everest Base Camp, where she performed an initial cut at 5,600 metres above sea level.

In addition, Werner provided four haircuts to team members and sherpas at Camp 1 (6,065 metres above sea-level). The cuts included long layers, fringe trims, a tousled pompadour and blunt ends with a middle parting.

Thereafter, she gave the team’s expedition leader, Jonathan Schrock, a fun ‘faux-hawk’ cut when at Camp 2 to keep team spirits high, which was 6,399 metres above sea level.

The previous record holder was French-Canadian stylist Maurice Fiorio, who completed a cut on top of Mount Kilimanjaro at a height of 5,895 metres.


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