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The lowdown on Gemini hair

Irina Bg/

Currently trending on social media, Gemini hair is a trend of two halves, just like the astrological sign of the same name, which denotes twins.

This hair look is all about splitting the hair into different colours and bringing to life the duality of the astrological sign. The trend encompasses stripes and colour blocking, in direct contrast to the more blended colour techniques that have dominated the hairdressing industry over recent years.

Says Vicki Lord, Owner of Vicki Lord Hair: “Hairstyles and colour choices can be highly individual, allowing people to showcase their personality, creativity, and preferences.”

But what if clients don’t want to commit to colouring their hair? Well, every client can get involved in the Gemini hair trend, whether they want to fully commit to colour, or want a temporary look. Whether clients get the look using hair extensions (Tracey Ann Smith, owner of French and Ivi is a fan) or whether you use wigs to transform like Darrel Starkey, Hair by Darrel, the trend can actually be easier to achieve than clients first think.

Tracey Ann Smith: “If your clients want to take part in this trend, but are unsure about the commitment, introduce them to styles like dip dye ends! This way extensions can be used and added to the bottom of the client’s natural hair. Meaning the client can keep their own hair in check, while taking part in the Gemini trend by adding some colourful extensions to the bottom, which can be removed at any time.”

Darrel Starkey: “This can be a trend which suits everyone, there’s no commitment and no colouring the hair when made easy with wigs. Wigs are something that I am a huge fan of which can instantly transform your client’s hair and their overall look. The use of a wig allows you to take any hair trend and make it your own.”


What’s more, the two-tone concept itself is versatile as the placement on the hair can differ per client. Heffy Wheeler, owner of Hx Hair, states: “It can be something that’s done underneath, a quarter at the front, or split down the middle… we can adapt our techniques whilst putting our own spin on it and creating a truly individual look.” Other adaptations of the dual tone hair colour include dip dye, colour panels, flashes and streaks, so the look can be bold or subtle.

Additionally, the exploration of colour is something clients can personalise to whichever look they are going for. “For blondes, pairing their blonde base with sunset inspired hues like yellow, orange and pink look incredible,” Suzie McGill, artistic director at Rainbow Room International, comments. “And for those with darker, brunette hair, I love to use petrol inspired hues including dark greens, blues and purples. However, for those with more textured hair, I would advise to go with a more natural colour that may not require pre-lightening to keep their hair in the best condition possible. I love to use red tones through textured hair.”


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