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THE Hot Brush

Are you currently thinking, ‘My kitbag is so full that it won’t shut – I can’t add another thing to it’? Well, apologies, but you might be about to change your mind. Heated appliances are having a revival and these are the reasons that you’ll probably want to add a hot brush to your burgeoning kit bag…

A hot brush can help save time

For a busy stylist with a packed column anything that can help with saving time without comprising on the quality of the service is a godsend. “As a freelance hairstylist, the [ghd] glide has become a vital part of my kit to create that blow dry finish easily without washing.” says ghd Brand Warrior, Chris Southern.

In salon opportunity to up-sell

A hot brush is a low maintenance client’s dream if they don’t have time to meticulously straighten their hair in the morning, so using a hot brush when styling their hair is great way to show them how easy it can be to leave home looking great. “As a salon owner, I think it’s important to showcase any electrical tools we sell in salon, on the staff firstly so they understand the product, and then we can showcase it on our customers,” says Ian Davey at Davey Davey. “One of my clients came back into the salon after a few days of using it, and she was delighted with her purchase, “It’s changed my life –thank you so much”. Says it all really.”

Creates different look

Dafni has become the tool that I didn’t think I would need as much as I do! It really is one of the must-have tools in my kit bag, purely because if I want a smooth look that’s not poker straight and ironed, and am under a lot of time pressure, then this is the tool to get the look,” says Ashleigh Hodges of the Hairdotcom Art Team.

Great for fringes

Using a hot brush right by a client’s face doesn’t seem appropriate but Andrea Daly loves smoothing fringes with her ghd Glide, “My favourite thing to do with the glide is my fringe. Particularly on the second day when no matter how carefully I’ve slept the fringe always manages to lose its oomph, the glide gives it back its bounce and automatically makes my whole haircut look better.”

Versatile uses

As well as smoothing and giving the hair natural body a hot brush can be used in more unexpected ways; “We also use it in salon as a prep tool for smoothing the hair before colour services. This way it introduces clients to the tool and they just love how quick and effective it is,” says Andrea.


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