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That all-important first impression

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A new client walking into your salon will develop an impression about your employee and your business in the first seven seconds.

So says business expert, Liz McKeon, in an article on by Sian Jones, who writes that coming into a salon for the first time can be a daunting prospect for many clients who may not know what to expect or are unsure how they will be treated. Hence, making those first impressions count is important to determining their salon experience.

McKeon points out that you cannot redo first impressions. She continues: “With attention to detail, you can ensure clients come away with superior opinions about you and your character. A new client will immediately judge your employee in 11 different ways. These judgements will help your client form an opinion of your business, which will determine how likely they are to become a repeat client.”

Leah Durrant, owner of Leah Durrant Hair Salon, adds: “The client will remember how they were greeted regardless of how the rest of the appointment goes, so it is important that you start on the right foot.”

Melenie Tudor, owner of En Route Hair Salon tells maintains that visiting a hair salon can make some people feel quite vulnerable as it is a very personal experience. “That’s why you need to make sure the client feels welcomed and comfortable in the salon environment, as soon as they step through door. Every second counts. A client not being greeted right away can feel like a lifetime to them and this first greeting will really set the tone for the whole appointment. Greeting clients the right way will reflect your brand and the professionalism of your team.”

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