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Sunpac acquires Nilotiqa Haircare brand

Thokozile Mangwiro

The hair brand founded by South African Thokozile Mangwiro, Nilotiqa Haircare, has been acquired by the Sunpac distribution company.

Says Mangwiro: “Although I had another investment opportunity available, Sunpac was the type of partner that understands the business I am in. As a leading distributor of top international hair care brands, Sunpac aligns with the Nilotiqa ethos, which places a value on black female consumers and their financial restraints.

“The Sunpac agreement now allows for key investments for growth. As part of the agreement, I can continue to maintain and manage the core of the Nilotiqa business and develop the range to include other personal care categories too. There is a lot to be done. All the processes for retail distribution are changing and we are upgrading our branding and labelling, but the process of formulation will not change.

“I want to see Nilotiqa become a household brand and to define the luxury of what it is to be an African woman. There are competitors in this field, however my products are unique. I know what I have to offer – it is all about the customer and what they are looking for in a brand that is healthy for their hair. With Nilotiqa, each and every consumer is the influencer for this incredible brand, in each and every way.”

Mangwiro’s development of the Nilotiqa organic hair treatment solution grew out of her frustrations with the hair care products on the retail shelves. She felt compelled to seek out her own organic solutions for maintaining her naturally managed, long Afro hair. Nilotiqa was researched and formulated in 2014 and launched in 2016 as a natural and organic hair care product solution to dry, brittle hair.


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