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Scalp facials set to trend

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The desire among clients to achieve a healthy, rejuvenated scalp and awareness of its positive impact on hair is predicted to rise in popularity this year.

An article in describes scalp care as ‘the new skincare’ and notes the following benefits of scalp facials: accelerated hair growth, improved thickness, removal of build-up, toxins and excess oils, improved circulation, and boosting cell turnover.

Says Andrew Jose, editorial ambassador for Revlon Professional: “Certain scalp conditions can result in breakage and even hair loss, so it’s vital to take the signs – like redness, irritations and itchiness – seriously, and to invest in a routine.”

According to Mark Blake, Nioxin trichologist, the problem lies with clients understanding how deep the issue goes when looking at their scalp health. “Most clients exfoliate and moisturise their face, spending time and money on holding back visible signs of ageing. But above the hairline, they care very little and spend little on it, and wonder why their hair isn’t in good condition. Likening a scalp care regime to skincare is a way to start the conversation around scalp health.”

This is where scalp facials come in. As the industry begins to include them in their service menus, even small salons are seeing an increase in demand. “Originating in Japan and used in Indian Ayurveda, scalp facials have become more mainstream in the beauty sector which has seen wonderful results,” explains Abigail Butler for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris. “A modern take on the normal ‘facial’, this service focuses solely on the scalp – cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturising, all with the condition of the scalp at the forefront of the ultimate hair vision,” explains Joana Neves, of ALTERNA Europe.

So, what is the science behind a scalp facial? “It cleanses by removing debris that can clog the scalp. They act as vasodilators, helping the blood vessels in the scalp nourish, regenerate and revitalise,” says Blake “The scalp has its own microbiome, and disruption to this may cause scaling and other sensitivities, plus a blocked follicle limits hair’s ability to grow.”

It’s important to understand the condition of the scalp before making any recommendations to ensure the correct technique and products are used, which is why scalp facials are completely customisable and should be tailored to each individual’s needs.


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