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SA’s hair care market to grow 5.84% in next 5 years

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The growing natural hair movement in South Africa is a contributing factor in the region’s rapidly expanding hair care market.

Furthermore, demand for products that help prevent damage, as well curl control and frizz control treatments, is increasing due to unique hair types in the country.

So says new a new report from, which predicts the market will grow at a CGAR of 5.84% in the next half decade. The study points out that the natural hair movement has created awareness among female consumers and supported the sales of herbal hair care products, especially shampoos and conditioners, in the country. There is increased awareness among consumers of the damage caused by chemicals such as sulfates and parabens, which are often be used in hair care products. As a result, more consumers are now looking for clean brands that use natural and organic ingredients.

As the report states, South African consumers are also wanting more variety in their hair care products, ranging from braids to weaves, to chemical treatments, to other drastic style changes. Dry shampoos are expected to revolutionise the hair care industry.

Moreover, shampoos that claim functional benefits, such as anti-pollution, hair growth, dandruff-free, and organically certified, are gaining popularity in the market and occupying the majority of shelf space in retail stores.

Young people in the country are more inclined towards using hair colours and other hair styling products. As a result, key players are investing in product development in growing application areas, such as innovative hair styling and intensive conditioner products, to meet domestic consumers’ hair care requirements.

Some popular product concepts include sulfate-free shampoos, co-wash products, cleansing conditioners, replenishing masks, oils, creams, scalp care balms, and many more.

In recent years, the hair care products market has transformed in South Africa due to several acquisitions and mergers, proving the growing importance of the ethnic consumer. In February 2021, Revlon Inc. partnered with MDR brand management to create a brand expansion strategy that takes it into new spaces and drives deeper consumer engagement across the Middle East and Africa region.

Prominent players mentioned in the report include L’Oreal SA, Unilever, Amka Products Pty Ltd., Procter & Gamble, The Estee Lauder Companies, and Canviiy. (Source:


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