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Price increases – when to do them and by how much?

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With the cost of living escalating, how often should your salon be increasing your treatment and retail prices?

In the April/May 2023 issue of Salon International magazine, business owner Hellen Ward answers this very question.

“I find it works much better to be able to explain a price rise if a decent amount of time has elapsed since the last one. Having carried out research on our client base, we were told in no uncertain terms that they preferred a bigger increase less often, instead of constant little regular price hikes that they would notice at each visit (it’s futile to think they won’t – they do). So, we adopted a policy of doing a more substantial rise every 18 months.

“In general terms, the price increase is around 5-10% on our services. Being able to say that your business has swallowed rising costs but you haven’t put your prices up for a year and a half certainly makes customers more sympathetic,” says Ward.

To find out what else Ward suggests, go to pages 8 and 9 of the Salon International magazine. Click here


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