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New trending shade – candlelit brunette

Ashley Park @claytonhawkins

Inspired by the delicate glow of candlelight, this shade sets out to emulate the warmth and beauty of dark hair in a soft, romantic light.

So says Conor James Doyle of Conor James Education in an article published on He continues: “Think dark, soft tumbling waves backlit by the ambience of a charming Italian restaurant. Luxurious, sultry, understated but captivating.

“For the first time we are seeing brunettes facing their phobias of the dreaded red hue and opting for these copper/mahogany-based tones. The candlelit brunette is lighted very softly only 1-2 levels in areas with no real focal points, then draped in rich tones to enhance the underlying warmth.”

And it’s perfect for those clients who are looking for a warmer, super low maintenance look. Jake Nugent, OSMO Ambassador comments: “Adding just a few softer highlights to naturally dark hair can give clients that desired soft look. It’s just like a balayage, except less is more.

“The best colour technique is to pepper mini face framing babylights throughout the hair, whilst maintaining the dark panelling. This will break up the brunette and create a natural, luxurious, and effortless look. Low-volume/ammonia-free clay bleach will be your best friend here.”

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