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New direction for Ladine

After over 30 years in the market, South African Afro Hair Care brand, Ladine Professional, has relaunched with the introduction of new products and re-formulations, as well as updated packaging and branding.

These changes were announced at a launch event held at The Park House of Events in Johannesburg’s Hyde Park Shopping Centre on 14 October. The event included a runway fashion show highlighting Ladine’s latest on-trend looks.

Said Ladine marketing manager, Michelle Drake: “It’s been a long journey for Ladine with lots of planning to get to this exciting point. We have a new logline: ‘Superior Care for African hair’.

“Ladine as a brand was born in 1987 and acquired by Henkel in 2014. There are three pillars for our brand – women empowerment by enhancing natural beauty; hair innovation for superior results; and embracing our South African heritage.

“I would like to take this opportunity to mention Ladine’s Shaping Futures initiative – where the brand uses hairdressing skills to help previously advantaged people enter the industry.”

Maxime Vandiest, Ladine manager, added: “Because Ladine needs to be relatable, we’ve taken care in designing colour codes on the product bottles that are easy to navigate. In addition, Ladine needs to be premium as we are a professional brand.

“There are 11 categories within Ladine, each category speaks to a particular hair type and concern. We have different logos: Blue is for the Relaxertec Young & Gentle; Gold is for the Relaxertec Regular; Silver is for In Salon; and Purple denotes our Exclusive Range.”

Vandiest stressed that Ladine believes in formulating with naturally inspired ingredients and uses a wide range of beneficial oils, such as argan, avocado and baobab, as well as vitamin E oil.

He highlighted some new Ladine technologies, such as the new Calcium Relaxer and the Decalcifying Spray. The latter is believed to be a first in the local market.

“In the Ladine Unisphere Technoogy, we have combined two products into one – Bio Complex and Neutralising Shampoo. So, not only is this a single product with two functions but it cuts down on water usage as well.

“For the first time, Ladine is launching consumer packs – namely the new Wonder Range. This comprises the Wonder Shampoo, the Wonder Conditioner and the Wonder Oil. The latter is a nine-benefit oil,” explained Vandiest.

Ladine’s Education manager Bongani Mabunda described this launch as the brand’s most professional to date. “We are game changers in the industry. Ladine is all about the science of being beautiful. We’re not getting older, we’re getting better.” (Report by Joanna Sterkowicz)


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