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Meghan Markle reveals post-childbirth hairstyle

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HJ Weekly reports that the Duchess of Sussex has a new signature hairstyle, which will protect her hair post-childbirth. She attended both Wimbledon and the recent British premiere of The Lion King wearing a stylish and sleek low bun.

Evie Samman writes: “Postpartum hair loss affects 40% to 50% of new mums and hairdresser Simon Hill, owner of SESH Hairdressing, told HJ exclusively the style will benefit new mum Meghan. He would also recommend the style for his post-birth clients in the salon.

“He said: ‘During pregnancy the hair cycle stops and hair doesn’t shed. Post-childbirth the hair that would usually be lost over the past nine months tends to fall out in quick succession. As a result of this, the hair becomes weak and more prone to damage and breakage. By encouraging clients to wear hair tied back, like Meghan, they will lessen the chance of this and give the hair time to heal.’

“Simon suggests educating clients on the process and advising them on how best they can combat this to ensure their hair remains as healthy and strong as possible after childbirth.

“He added: ‘Deep conditioning and moisturising treatments are crucial for clients. I would advise my post-pregnancy clients to visit the salon two or three times per month initially for a treatment like this to boost hair health.’

“Simon’s advice for clients who want to recreate Meghan’s sleek bun at home is to apply a home hair mask to the mid lengths of the hair before tying it up. “This allows the mask to penetrate the hair during the day for an intensive treatment.”


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