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Latest on trend colour – tiramisu


While the candlelit brunette colour that we reported on some months back is likely to

remain popular this year, tiramisu hair is trending strongly.

But, what exactly is tiramisu hair? Like the traditional coffee-flavoured tiramisu pudding,

which consists of different layers, tiramisu hair is created using three shades of brunette.

Jake Nugent, hair colour expert and OSMO Ambassador is quoted in an article on saying: “I think 2023 is more about low maintenance and subtle tonal

changes and tiramisu is a lower-maintenance take on traditional colouring.

“It is a trend that consists of three different shades of brown: a warm, tan shade with a

yellow undertone, a deep warm brown, and a light brown with a more gold reflection.

“Furthermore, tiramisu hair features a shadowed root or a root smudge, where the

highlights are lightly painted over with a shade closer to your client’s natural hue. This

creates a very natural blend of dark and light, and ends up looking natural as well as

being extremely low maintenance.”

Nugent advises stylists to encourage their clients to use hair masks at least once or

twice a week to ensure that their hair stays looking healthy.


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