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LABEL.M appoints DNA Salon as its newest Concept Salon

The long established DNA Salon in Bedfordview, founded by Donovan Grove, has become LABEL.M’s latest Concept Salon in South Africa.

Says Larry Le Roux, General Manager of LABEL.M SA: “We choose our Concept Salons on the merit of creative ability, leadership and commitment to education. Ongoing education and the heritage of Toni & Guy (i.e. Giuseppe ‘Toni’ Mascolo and Gaetano ‘Guy’ Mascolo – the founders of LABEL.M) is synonymous with the hairdressing industry and it is essential that the salon subscribes and commits to follow the Digital Academy, where students enroll for certified courses and weekly updates.

“Donovan from DNA Salon has a strong passion for educating himself, his staff and wherever he can, for uplifting the skills of students. He is an award-winning stylist and creative director for Intercoiffure. LABEL.M was a natural fit for his business and clients alike, while also adding that extra flair and an environmentally conscious aspect to the salon.”

When asked what becoming a LABEl.M Concept Salon entails, Donovan explains: “You make an investment in your salon’s future by getting into LABEL.M culture trading and education. My motivation for taking this step was realising that our industry needs an injection of the first world standard and that’s where brands like LABEL.M come into effect.

“The appeal of LABEL.M is the longevity of their brand, the culture of their brand and most importantly for us, the education and training available under this flagship.”

For more on this story go to pages 16 and 17 of the September/October issue of the Salon International magazine. Click here


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