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Kate Middleton tops most searched for royal hairstyle list

Kate Middleton tops most searched for royal hairstyle list
Kate Middleton (Instagram @dukeandduchessofcambridge)

Known for her fulsome and super-groomed glossy long locks, The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, averages 2,400 monthly searches for her hairdos – the most for any British royal.

This is according to Milk + Blush’s analysis of Google Data to ascertain the most searched for royal hairstyle of the past few years.

An article published on about the Milk + Blush analysis notes that in the last four years, Middleton’s most-searched hairstyle was for Princess Charlotte’s first day of school, where the Duchess of Cambridge displayed a fresh style featuring warm highlighted locks and a bouncy blowout. The autumnal style saw an increase in searches to 5,400 during September 2019. Middleton’s signature style is known as the ‘Chelsea Blow-dry’.

Searches for Middleton’s hair rocketed in May last year during a royal tour of Scotland, with a lovely half-updo – where her locks were pulled back into a twisted braid with curls cascading down her back – garnering the most interest.

Prince Harry’s wife and the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, won second spot in the list for the most searched for royal dos. She has averaged 1,600 Google searches per month, with the most searched look being for her bridal hair. This saw her raven tressess styled into a loose, low chignon at the base of her neck, with a few loose tendrils tucked behind the ears.

Markle’s hair for her outspoken interview with Oprah in March of last year, with another low bun and loose hair to frame the face, also scored a flurry of searches.

Arguably the most iconic hairdo of the 1980s – that of the late Princess Diana – enjoyed a spurt of popularity last year due to a TikToker known as @70srose recreating the royal’s signature blown out, feathered shag.

Completing the top five most searched for royal hairstyles are Princess Anne with 280 searches, Queen Elizabeth II with 90 searches, and Princess Eugenie and Beatrice with 20 searches. 

It’s worth noting that The Queen’s enduring hairstyle throughout her reign has featured her robust curls moulded into a very structured, teased style. It is such an established and perennially expected style for the monarch that it has become iconic. (Source:


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