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Is the 90s fringe making a comeback?

Image sourced from Rosalia’s Instagram account

Wispy fringes as sported by actresses in TV series of the late 1990s and early Noughties, such as ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Friends’, are becoming popular again, according to an article published by HJI.

The article maintains the style is on the rise again because of women who chose to DIY this look while in COVID-19 lockdown, including celebrities.

In the 1990s, the fringe was characterised by its low density, eyelash skimming length and was flipped under. HJI describes the updated 2020 version of the fringe as having the same length, which allows it to be pushed back to blend into the rest of the hair when clients want a change. This version is slightly more dense, while still retaining a see-through effect.

In the HJI article, Cos Sakkas, international creative director at Toni & Guy, is quoted as saying: “This fringe is ideal for younger clients, for a Rosalia vibe, as it sits below the eyebrows giving it a youthful, fun and quirky finish. Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalia cut her fringe herself during lockdown and it’s more peek-a-boo than bold and blunt, and gives some interest to her otherwise long, layered look. Less is definitely more when it comes to 90s fringes; while a fringe should make a statement it also needs to highlight the face shape and mirror the wearer’s personality and ultimately, make their face the centre of attention.”

The updated 90s fringe can also look good on curly hair, as long as it isn’t too frizzy.

To see the full HJI article click here


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