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Inoar opens flagship salon & lifestyle centre in Pretoria

Inoar South Africa is proud to announce the opening of the new Inoar Lifestyle centre, at 345 Dey Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria.

Celebrating its 12th year in the South African market, the opening of this new lifestyle space, which includes a new flagship Inoar salon, is a seminal moment for Inoar in the country.

Hendrien Kruger, owner of Inoar South Africa, wants this new space to truly be a haven for women. “Our vision for Inoar Lifestyle is that it will become more than a destination for women who want to pamper themselves. We want them to not only experience the best haircare products and aesthetic and beauty treatments, we want it to be built around women: supporting their dreams, aspirations and sense of community, as it certainly has done for me”.

A beautifully designed space, spacious and filled with natural light, the new Inoar flagship salon offers all of Inoar’s iconic in-salon treatments. Clients can experience the unparalleled range of Inoar Keratin Smoothing Treatments (aka ‘Brazilians’), professional colour services using Inoar’s unique Vegan Hair Colour System, as well as a full range of advanced hair care services for all hair types and needs.

Visitors can not only expect to enjoy Inoar's one-of-a-kind haircare, but also a perfect synergy between the brand and the architectural design.

Designed by renowned architect, André Eksteen of EarthWorld, the new space is also host to a coffee shop and a store retailing Inoar’s award-winning hair care products and other home- and fashion-wear, as well as aesthetic and beauty treatment facilities, conference rooms and more.

“The design of the new Inoar salon draws inspiration from the brand's Brazilian roots and natural approach to beauty”, says Eksteen. “The colour scheme is reminiscent of a lush botanical scene with hues of floral pink and green, subtly layered on the surfaces of walls and in window and door openings. The materials of the bespoke furniture in the reception, café and salon consists of velvet upholstery, walnut timber and green marble, with fine detailing in brass serving as the ‘jewellery’ of the design items”.

With Inoar guests’ well-being and relaxation in mind, the boundary between inside and outside is blurred, where doors and windows are carefully positioned to frame the trees and greenery surrounding the crown jewel of Inoar Lifestyle – the salon.


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