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Indola gets ‘ColorBlasted’

Indola has launched its #ColorBlaster range, described as ‘the smartest pigmented conditioner superhero’, which delivers a choice of pastel-to-intense toning, instant colour refreshment, or instant neutralisation.

The #ColorBlaster range, which is available for both professional use and home care, was introduced to the South African market at a recent event in Johannesburg hosted by Henkel.

“Indola #ColorBlaster is a proudly digital, on trend street brand,” said the Henkel South Africa team. “As a brand we know what is on the streets and on social media. Pigmented care is fast gaining traction in the market.

“But what exactly is #ColorBlaster? It is a colouring conditioner that lasts 10 washes and conditions the hair while colouring it. There are four pastel-to-bold shades; three colour refreshers; and one neutraliser.”

Indola South Africa educator, Michelle Jacobs, explained that #ColorBlaster has Color-Charge Complex technology behind it. “The products are formulated with panthenol, hydrolysed keratin and apricot kernel. Normally, when you colour hair, you damage it in that you take out the moisture. With #ColorBlaster we are strengthening and moisturising the hair, while colouring it.”

#ColorBlaster shades are: Willow (pink); Clarendon (blue); Valencia (mint-green); Lark (silver-grey); Sierra (chocolate brown); Mayfair (red); Crema (gold blond); and Juno (neutraliser). #getcolorblasted


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