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Indola decides to ‘Act Now!’ on sustainability

To coincide with the recent launch of Indola’s ‘Act Now!’ care and styling range, the brand is encouraging salons to be more sustainable in their operations.

According to and 12 billion tons of waste are dumped into the oceans globally each year. Only 14% of this is being recycled.

Consumers are rethinking ways in which they spend money and experts say they will turn to purposeful, sustainable products.

Act Now! is partnering with Plastic Bank to prevent 1.5 mllion plastic bottles from entering the environment this year. For every Act Now! product sold, two plastic bottles are saved from ending up in the environment.

The Act Now! high performing care and styling range features state-of-the-art formulas that are vegan and free-from harmful chemicals. Packaging is made with up to 97% recycled and fully recyclable plastic.

Salons are urged to recycle Act Now! products properly by doing the following:

Act 1: Separate into components by taking off pumps, lids and caps

Act 2: Give your empty jars and bottles a quick rinse

Act 3: Toss in your recycling bin

#SimplySmarter @indolasa


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