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Is the Bubble Bob trending at the moment?


This year has already seen the Chopped Bob and the Bullet Bob and now the Bubble Bob is making its presence felt.

Andrew Smith, Owner of Andrew Smith Salons and milk_shake Ambassador describes the haircut thus: “The bubble bob consists of a rounded shape, where the ends are styled to flick inwards to create that bubble-like look. It often contains height and texture throughout the cut to give it a further rounded and bouncy appearance.”

This is why this style should be cut hitting the jaw line, in an almost more subtle A-line to give it a curvier shape. “The Bubble Bob is characterised by a chin-grazing length and long invisible layers to create volume,” Session Stylist, Vicki Lord tells us.

But is this a low maintenance look for clients? “I’d argue the look is less maintenance from the classic bob as the chunky shape is slightly more forgiving than the pristine nature of the original,” says Simon Tuckwell, Owner of Tuckwell & Co. “Part of the beauty of the Bubble Bob is its flowy nature, giving you more wiggle room with regard to how much styling it requires to look good.”

When it comes to bobs, it’s essential to consider the suitability and face shapes to find the perfect style in order for you to tailor to your clients. “This style works on both thick and thin hair types and looks great on those with straight or curly hair,” says Andrew. But it’s those clients with round or square face shapes that the bubble bob particularly works wonders on. “I would advise those with longer, more oval face shapes to be cautious of the style as it may make their face shape look more elongated. If your client has an oval face shape and would like this look, it may be a good idea to elongate the bob at the front just slightly for a more flattering finish,” Andrew adds.

The bubble bob is all about the finish – your classics are a must when it comes to creating a bob. “The classic French Bob can easily become the Bubble Bob with the right styling, so I’d focus more on the finish than the creation of the bob itself,” Simon tells us.

A hugely important part of creating the Bubble Bob look is how you choose to dry and style it at the end – depending on the look your client desires. And although this style can be pulled off with little to no styling for a lower maintenance look, it also suits a more polished and glossy finish. “I love to use a hairdryer and rounded brush to give the style a further bouncy finish or heated styling irons to flick in the ends,” says Andrew. To finish, Simon recommends using “texturising spray and volumising mousse to really add the much-needed bounce of a bob”.


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