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How to ramp up revenue from blow-dry services

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With clients already familiar with blow-dry services, one way to boost these bookings is to offer bespoke blowdries.

Laura Elliott, Head of Education at Salon Promotions describes the Glaze Hollywood Blow-dry as an example. “This is a lovely option to add to your service menu. It’s a simple and cost-effective add-on or stand-alone treatment to offer your clients, leaving hair with incredible shine and manageability.

“Another unique option for salons is to offer a blow-dry subscription – the customer pays a fixed fee per month, and they can come for unlimited blow-dries. This is great for extension clients or clients with an active social life. Alternatively, a get-the-look menu combining blow-dries with seasonal or trending styles would be appealing to the younger clientele, who are open to experimentation.”

Meanwhile, Marie Nieuwoudt, Cloud Nine Ambassador, shares how she helps her team to attract more bookings: “At Westrow Salons, we encourage stylists to have a content creating session, so if you want more blowdries in your salon, get that content on your socials; get a model, do a great blowout, take beautiful photos and tell people all the key benefits about having a blow-dry. I would also suggest offering before and after work times and work around people’s 9-5, to widen your clientele.”

Elena Lavagni, from Neville Hair and Beauty, launched a blow-dry bar post Covid. Its services include regular 45 and 60-minute blowdries for all types of hair textures, with clients able to choose from a selection of different finishes, in addition to a range of unique blowdries exclusive to the salon.

The advantage of blowdries as a service offering is that they can be performed by any member of staff, which Sharon Malcom, Denman Ambassador, believes makes them accessible to a wider range of clients, as this allows for a range of price points. Are you utilising your apprentices and Junior Stylists to promote blowdries? Malcolm explains: “It also means that there is more availability for blow-dry appointments as nine times out of ten, the senior stylists are fully booked with cuts and colours, which means that if the junior stylist is free, they can do the blow-dry.”

While blowdries are a fundamental skill every hairdresser needs, this doesn’t mean you and your team can become complacent ­– especially with new trends constantly emerging alongside old trends resurfacing. Brandon Messinger, Denman Ambassador, touches on this point, explaining: “We try and have as many training days throughout the year as possible to make sure that everyone is up to date on their blow dry training and on their skill set in general.”


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