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How to be profitable and maintain your client’s colour at the same time

Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

Colour services hit a percentage of 75-80% in many salons, which is why hairdressers should push this segment as much as possible.

So says salon owner, educator and internationally renowned hairdresser and colourist, Andrew Smith, who advocates that you promote and push treatments

He continues: “During the client appointment, don’t be shy – share your knowledge and show you are the professional. Highlight the importance of add-on services, such as a glossing or conditioning treatment, and explain the thought process and science behind this. Share how this will positively impact the client and you will be surprised how many take you up on this offer. Don’t be too sales heavy but promote this in a professional and subtle way.”

Smith notes that many stylists and salon teams tend to leave retail to the very last minute, resulting in no uptake from the client. “One of the best ways to promote and push retail is to use this as a talking point during your appointment with the client, leaving the products on their shelf of the styling station once used, to allow them the chance to look at this on their own and have extra time to think about it. Share the colour regime used in the salon and the styling products, as this will only encourage them.”

Stylists should suggest top up appointments and mini-colour services, such as t-line highlights, root touch ups and colour glossing treatments.

“All of these enhance the colour and condition of the hair, whilst having less of an impact on clients’ finances,” concludes Smith.


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