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Hair the real winner at NAACP Image event

Image sourced from Instagram @jillscott.official

The jewelry-as-hair-accessories trend was in full force at the recent 2020 NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Image Awards, held in Pasadena, California.

Jill Scott wore arguably the most striking hairdo, with two very long, thick Afro pigtails, embellished with golden hair ties and circular and triangular hoop earrings that ran all the way down. But that wasn’t all – Scott also had long thin braids, ending in beads, framing each side of her face and coming from a centre parting.

Marsei Martin had cute, slicked back, long straightened hair with a slight wave, contained by sparkly silver hairclips over each ear.

Merle Dandridge sported a loose, slightly waved and studiously messy one-sided ponytail, with pearls interspersed between her ombre locks.

While the above do’s were all accessorised with jewelry, Lizzo’s elaborate style was accessorised with hair. It was a masterful and unusual combination of textures, with an Afro pouf and an off-centre bundle of locks, coupled with a straightened, side-swept 90s-esque tendril on one side of the face.

Janelle Monai’s crowning glory was very unique – twisted, braided pretzels on the top of her head.

Yara Shahidi’s tight, shoulder length curls included a fringe that grazed her eyebrows. Also sporting curls was H.E.R., whose do was very long and very thick.

Storm Reid had a braided crown, emanating from an extreme side parting over one ear, and sweeping over her shoulder in ultra thin braids.

(Report by Natasha Chisese and Joanna Sterkowicz)


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