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Hair gems take over TikTok

Alicia Keys @aliciakeys

Seen occasionally on the red carpet, although particularly noticeably at this year’s Met Gala, hair gems and how to apply them have been all over TikTok during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer season.

According to InStyle, the #hairgems hashtag has generated close to 50 million searches on the video sharing platform. Hair gems have been described by several fashion and beauty magazines as ‘Y2K’s biggest summer trend’.

A big trend in the 1990s, hair gems have since been seen on trendy celebrities at big music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury. Typically, gems are applied to hair with a stamping device, or glued to each individual strand by hand.

From a styling point of view, there are endless possibilities in terms of how to apply the gems. For instance, they can be applied as single gems, or in a cluster, on waves, straight hair, or slicked back hair. Gems can be placed so as to embellish the hair line, buns, braids, gelled tendrils on the forehead, and on partings.


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