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Eric Way Lovemore scoops Wahl Photographic Competition

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Wahl’s Suzette Coetzee and Jason Knight with Eric Way Lovemore (centre)

Overall winner of the 2019 Wahl Photographic Competition was judged to be Eric Way Lovemore.

Winners were announced at an awards ceremony held on 2 September at Salon International, the leading trade show for the hair industry, held at Gallagher Convenion Centre in Midrand. Wahl’s Suzette Coetzee and Jason Knight were on hand to present prizes, along with head judge Dennis Randall.

Way Lovemore also won two other categories, namely Female Fashion Cut & Colour and Male Fashion Cut & Colour. In addition, he placed third in the Best of Barbering category.

Toufique Behardien won Best of Barbering, with Lizelle Olivier triumphing in the Avant Garde Category.

Said Randall: “The work has been incredible and the competition absolutely phenomenal. I’ve just got back from judging in Russia and believe me, we are on top in South Africa. Wahl has taken barbering to the next level and we’ve experienced that now with the judging of this competition. The clipper work has been unbelievable.

“We had such a hard task as judges to find our Top 3 in every category. Each criteria was judged under the elements of design, line, form, texture and of course colour, where necessary. Every competitor was a winner.

“I’m so impressed to see that the number of entries tripled this year. Let’s go for it again next year and keep up the good work!”

Here is the full list of results:

Female Fashion Cut & Colour

1st – Eric Way Lovemore

2nd – Lizelle Olivier

3rd – Kyle Van Wyk

Male Fashion Cut & Colour

1st – Eric Way Lovemore

2nd – Adel Zid

3rd – Dumisani Lukhozi

Best of Barbering

1st – Toufique Behardien

2nd – Jesse Gallan

3rd – Eric Way Lovemore

Avant Garde

1st – Lizelle Olivier

2nd – Marlie Van Der Merwe

3rd – Joycelen Bowkers


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