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Demand for male hair extensions on the rise

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HJI reports that hair extensions brands are experiencing an increased demand among male clients wanting fuller hair.

Extensions offer a more affordable and less invasive alternative to hair transplants. A good quality product can disguise balding or thinning patches at the crown or the hair line, thus boosting the confidence of men who suffer from hair loss.

Multi award-winning Great Lengths specialist, Jade Searcy, is quoted in the HJI article as saying that she has noted a huge growth in the male hair extension market: “In the past three years, I’ve seen a significant increase in male clients having our hair extensions fitted.”

Racoon International creative director, Andrew Barton, adds: “We have seen an increase in male clients experimenting with hair extensions either for extended length, particularly in fringe areas, or to add threads of colour.”

He adds that since the pandemic, male clients have been looking to experiment with their hair and change how they feel about themselves.

Searcy believes that over the next few years, there will be ‘a huge a rise’ in the male hair extension market.


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