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Creative Escape Unplugged

Creative Escape Unplugged is a new professional hairdressing event that is launching in Greece next month that will feature hair artists from across the globe.

The three-day event (5-7 May 2019) was the brainchild of Front Row Pro and it is designed to help hairdressers from around the world make new connections with intimate masterclasses, collaborative seminars, a hair show and expert talks to help build your reach and improve your holistic well-being.

There over 16 artists and experts from across the industry presenting across the three days, including Akin Konizi, Patrick Cameron, Edward Darley, Mark van Westerop, Bea Carmichael, Aubrey Loots, Gold Class Hair, Hairdotcom, Abby Smith and Egidio Borri.

Patrick Cameron will be on stage demonstrating how to find your client’s inner goddess and to take your long hair work to the next level. Aubrey Loots will be presenting the backstage pass with the first 20 people to sign up being eligible to join Aubrey’s team at a future Fashion Week.

The event is split into different options with a business track for those interested in coaching and social media for the year head and fitness sessions for those wanting to try bespoke personal wellbeing and re-energising activities.

Michelle Mason, Front Row Professional co-founder and director said, “Team FrontRowPro has been humbled and heartened by the positive response to our first-ever event. This is directly reflected in our incredible artists and experts who will bring the Creative Escape – Unplugged dream to life.”

Jo Robertson, brand artist and talent agent is presenting at the show. She said: I believe there’s real value in what the Creative Escape is offering. The industry is changing. More and more, we must create the communities we need and want to have. I am ready to give to and gain from this experience.”

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